Writing a VMA small virtual machine targeting the LC-3 architecture based on the “Write your own VM” tutorial. See my implementation on my github.C
Writing a game with JavaFXA game called “Same Game”, created following specific design patterns for a course. See the implementation on my github.Java
Writing a Pacman in the browserPacman locally in the browser with a twist: larger dots make you drunk! See the implementation on my github.HTML/CSS/JS
A (de)ciphering programA Vigenère (de)ciphering program with a frequency analysis attack (explained in the README.). See the implementation on on my github.Python
Writing a game with QtA board game called “ButtonUp!”, created using Qt Model-View components. See the implementation on my github.C++
An encrypted file sharing SystemAn E2E encrypted file sharing system written using Laravel. See the implementation on my github.PHP (Laravel)