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Welcome to my blog, it’s a mix of projects, experiments and personal notes for posterity. I’m interested in programming as well as knowledge management, especially if I get to do it with Emacs.

Managing and grouping files with Python

Introduction We are sometimes faced with systems which generate lots of files that we have to deal with, be it for triage or later reading; it could be logs, data dumps, automatically generated reports and so on. In many cases, we don’t have a say in the how and why of the files' organization and might want to deal with them automatically, later on. Which is what I’d like to tackle here, using Python standard library....

June 6, 2022 · 9 min

Python getters and setters

If you have ever worked with a language such as Java, the concept of getter or setter won’t be foreign to you. If you haven’t, getters and setters are methods which let you access and modify class attributes; usually where you wouldn’t have access otherwise because of the restricting scope. It may then come as a surprise that Python, where all members are public, also has a concept of getters, setters and deleters....

February 21, 2022 · 7 min

Writing a virtual machine

I stumbled upon a tutorial to write a VM (virtual machine) some time ago and I thought it would be interesting to try it for myself. The introduction outlines a relevant point: creating a VM introduces more abstraction from the machine, which has a complexity and cognitive cost, borne by the programmer. Yet, writing this simple virtual machine also lets us take a peek into what a computer does under the hood as well as build a useful mental model about machines' internals....

January 26, 2022 · 6 min

First blog post: an introduction

This is the first post to populate my blog, which was built with Hugo. The blog is held together in an org-mode file and exported with ox-hugo, a backend that allows for exporting org files to a Hugo compatible markdown. Presentation I’m an avid Emacs user, it has been my main driver for around three years now. My init file can be found at this address, it’s a melting pot of programming and writing utilities....

December 27, 2021 · 1 min